How do I delete a Team?

How do I delete a Team?

You are unable to delete a Team on your own.

In order to delete your account, please email: support@elivelihood.comfrom using the email on your account and we will begin processing your request.

You will receive a confirmation email to confirm you would like to have your account deleted, which you are required to respond to. Once completed you will be advised that your account has been deleted.

The user requesting to delete the account must be the original Account Administrator (the original person to create the account). If you are not the original Administrator you are unable to delete a Team.
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    • How do I create a team?

      Teams can only be created through our web portal at . Once you have created your Team, you (and your Team) can perform the day to day operations via your mobile application(s). From your home page, select *Create A New Team*from ...
    • Can I send a message to another team member?

      Messaging is only supported as direct messages between the Team Member (you) and the Recipient. Team and Team Member messaging is slated for a future 2021 release.
    • Can I restrict access to certain team members?

      Yes. There are permission settings for all Team members. If you are the Administrator : You are either the first person to create the eLivelihood account or you have been invited by an Administrator as a "Contributor" and then promoted to an ...
    • How do I change permission settings for a team member?

      Only administrators can update permission settings for other members of the team. Permissions can only be edited by using our web portal (not the mobile): Click on the corresponding*Team*from the left hand menu ...
    • Can I create a team for someone who's not a senior?

      Yes, you can. ​A team can be created for anyone who you would like to collectively share information with other people. This could include divorced parents trying to schedule and coordinate with the other parent or grandparents, a family member with ...