Can I message with the Senior Tablet application?

Can I message with the Senior Tablet application?

If your Recipient is using our (free) tablet application, we have direct 1:1 messaging available.

On the web : Click "Messages" from the left vertical navigation to open the messaging page. This is a direct message between you and the Recipient (tablet app).

On eLivelihood Family Mobile app : tap the "Messages" icon at the bottom right corner of the app. This is a direct message between you and the Recipient (tablet app).

On the Recipient Tablet app : You (the Recipient) have the ability to message anyone on your "Team". You will see their picture(s) at the bottom of the tablet app. Just tap their picture and it opens a window, the tablet keyboard appears and you can message them. No need for a smart phone or technical ability.
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    • Can I share SafeKeeper information with the Recipient Tablet Application?

      SafeKeeper items are intentionally not shared with the Senior Tablet application. The Senior Tablet application is designed for engagement and isolation-mitigation. The SafeKeeper is designed for sharing information with the Family, Caregivers, etc.
    • Can I send a message to another team member?

      Messaging is only supported as direct messages between the Team Member (you) and the Recipient. Team and Team Member messaging is slated for a future 2021 release.
    • Can I create a team for someone who's not a senior?

      Yes, you can. ​A team can be created for anyone who you would like to collectively share information with other people. This could include divorced parents trying to schedule and coordinate with the other parent or grandparents, a family member with ...
    • How do I change my password?

      Web: Go to the login screen: Click on I forgot my password below the blue "Sign In" button. Enter your email address *and click *Submit If you already have an established account, you will be sent a temporary ...
    • How do I assign a Calendar task or appointment?

      In the Calendar, you can only assign a responsible party to tasks and appointments. Events do not have the ability to assign a team member. All Calendar items can have participants. To assign a task or appointment to an individual on the team, choose ...